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I often see others here on Deviantart or other websites expressing their opinion on burning topics. I figured that I might as well join in the bandwagon just for fun.

Pop Music: I think that it takes little to no talent to be a pop singer. Rap music is the same, record labels love signing as many of these artists as possible because they know that the music they write is so stupified and simplistic that they can make a new record within every three months.

Swagger: The biggest complaint with most people about this word is that it has no definition. In reality it doesn't have a dictionary definition, but it does have a definition. Swag: A phrase used as a tool for douchebags to act as stupid and agitatingly annoying as they possibly can and pretend like they're "hip".

"Rock is Dead" Phenomenon: Rock isn't dead, I believe that "artists" like Kanye West and Lil Wayne use this as a propaganda trick to make the general mindless "sheeple" audience get into pop music so that their record sales go up.

"Badass": These people crack me up. I especially love when the "badass" in question is a Brony. "Uhh.... I'm gonna kill you with my boom boom gun" says the guy with a Rainbow Dash account icon.

More coming soon.

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