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Sky Fox: Sky Fox by Midnight-Fantom
Sky Fox: Sky Fox
Sky Fox, it's not a total ripoff of that one game on the SNES or syndicated series of games that follow the SNES one that I've never seen or heard of..... but it was a good game Yes?
Me and Jahred from (hed) P.E. by Midnight-Fantom
Me and Jahred from (hed) P.E.
Walking down the street after a concert in Spokane Washington to buy some drinks. Best fucking night of my life, as clearly described by the expression on my face.
Human Shadow? by Midnight-Fantom
Human Shadow?
I heard this comment from school that I look like a human version of Shadow the hedgehog (It wasn't an insult).

Please tell me what you think, I'm dying to know.
I was tagged by :iconinterdimentional1224:

...I'm not posting the rules, the rules didn't say anything about that ;)

1. What are your favorite songs?

Something by the band "Cold"

2. What other show do you like beside your favorite.

I like South Park.... but I'm not sure about any favorites.

3. Favorite color?

Black mixed with either red, blue, green, or yellow. I colored my drinking cup so I can "Drink the stars".

4. Favorite food?

Texas toast with cheese.

5.Funy Internet video?

"Angry Grandpa Destroys Kitchen!"

6.Least favorite horror movie?

Troll 2

7. Favorite comedy?

Anything comedy that doesn't have Pauly Shore, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Zack Galafinakis, or anything to do with Seth Macfarline

8.Favorite Celebrity?

Penn Jillett, Christopher Walken, Mark Wahlberg, Patrick Wartooth, Wayne Static, Robin Williams, Johnny Knoxville... just so many.

9. Do you want a cookie?

Yes, I also wanna  be held by you :3

10.Do you wanna eat me?

Nah, I like it in reverse... your tummy is just so cuddly X3
I love these... People asking about my life makes me feel loved.
This beautiful world of ours is now 2015 years old!

Happy New Yar!
Hello friends..

Do any of you know how to deal with unstable emotions? My music career is going better than it ever has as of now, I have wonderful friends and a wonderful life.... but I can never feel satisfied. No matter what I do or how much I achieve I always feel short of satisfaction.

I'm scared because I feel that in the future this can become an EXTREMELY dangerous thought process, Johnathan Brandis had these type of thoughts and look what happened to him. I don't wanna be another casualty as a result of my disturbed neurology. :(

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Um.... considering you're someone who likes my work... I'm a bit surprised you haven't commented here yet:…
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Wanna continue our RP on skype?
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watch for watch? Even if not, I'm still gonna watch you :3
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do u like sonic
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If you're going to insult me then I'll just begin by saying I'm already over it... sorry for whatever I may have done to offend.
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